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David is a strategist, author, researcher, speaker and facilitator with over 20-years of experience in working with organisations and their leaders to reshape the mindset, skill-set and strategic focus that is required to pursue opportunity and manage risk in fast-moving, disruptive environments. He has worked with a range of organisations and communities in Australia and United States and has significant experience in the areas of corporate strategy, organisational transformation, education and training, learning and development, social enterprise, community development and resilience. David is the co-author of Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change and The Disruption Readiness Test and his recent speaking engagements include National Future Work Summit, Digital AI Summit, CSR Way National Conference, NAB Leadership Matters National Conference and Best Practice Network National Summit.

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Hilary McNevin is a Melbourne-based freelance food writer, digital content manager and events planner.

 After working in and managing restaurants in Australia and the UK for 15 years, Hilary moved into food writing. Her written work has appeared in The Australian, SBS Food Online, 9Kitchen, Winestate magazine, Eat Drink magazine and Broadsheet.com.au . She wrote for Epicure, The Age for 10 years and was the Australian contributor of the book 1001 Restaurants You Must Experience Before You Die (Murdoch Books). She has written, co-written and edited others books including The Atlantic at Home with chef Donovan Cooke.

Hilary works as an events planner through her business Pep Events and in 2017, she founded Turnip Media. Turnip is a food media busines that shares culinary and agriculture-based stories  to encourage urban-and-rural connection and community. Through Turnip Media she also creates digital content for clients in the food and drink industries.



Richard Cornish is a Melbourne based food writer, author and events host.

He is well known in the food scene as an independent writer and commentator on food issues and an affable and humorous host and presenter.

Richard was the acclaimed commentator on the 7 Network series Iron Chef Australia and is a regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Good Food section in which he writes the popular and humorous Brain Food column.  He writes a weekly column in the Saturday Age called Six Reasons to Visit. He has written four cook books on Spanish cuisine with Spanish born chef Frank Camorra. He has written another cookbook on Spanish food and one on Mexican food for publisher Gourmet Pilgrim. He is a frequent contributor to Gourmet Traveller Magazine.



Boris Musa is the Managing Director of Mainstream Aquaculture Group (Mainstream), a vertically integrated producer and supplier of Barramundi. Mainstream is one of the largest suppliers of Barramundi table fish products in Australia under the Infinity Blue Barramundi brands and is the global market leader in the supply of juvenile fish (seed stock) to the Barramundi aquaculture industry, exporting to 24 countries across five continents. Mainstream operates four farms in two states, including the world’s largest aquaculture production facility of its type, as well as the world’s largest Barramundi hatchery. Boris has been Managing Director since 2012 and under his stewardship; company value has increased by a multiple of 30 times on a 20-fold increase in revenue.

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From humble coastal beginnings to working with some of the city’s most demanding kitchens, Nick Mahlook is built to captain The Atlantic ship

Raised in Lakes Entrance, on his family’s vineyard, from an early age Nick was surrounded by the freshest regional produce, developing his personal ethos of “only the best”

His career in the kitchen began at the age of 16, in his sister’s restaurant Miriam’s, where his passion for food and creating was the driving force in expanding his culinary horizons.

Age 18, Nick moved to Melbourne landing in the kitchen of the acclaimed Stokehouse restaurant where he would spend the next decade working with Melbourne’s leading chefs.

In 2007, Nick was appointed Head Chef of Stokehouse Café with menus influenced by his travels through Europe and South America.

Nick was appointed Executive Chef at The Atlantic in October 2017, and has brought with him an honest and simple approach his kitchen.

As Executive Chef, he will continue to celebrate the world’s best seafood, working with the freshest wild and sustainable fish, oysters and shellfish but will let his let his passion for nostalgic childhood dishes reinvent some of the classics.


Alejandro Saravia - Executive chef ‘Pastuso’

Alejandro grew up in Peru, South America where he was introduced to the strong flavours of Peruvian cuisine, which he continues to be influenced by in his cooking today. Alejandro then spent eight years travelling the world working as a chef, engaging and indulging in an array of foods and cultures.

It is during this time that Alejandro developed his impressive culinary resume with a list of esteemed venues in Peru and also in Europe – including Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck in the UK and Les Ambassadeurs in Paris, as well as many well known Sydney establishments, such as Pier Restaurant, Salon Blanc in Woolloomooloo, Opera Bar and as Sous Chef at Sails Restaurant at Lavender in Lavender Bay.

Alejandro has also pursued a career on his own, running "A taste of PERú", a company which demonstrates and educates foodies in the ingredients, flavours and cooking methods of Peru and Latin America. He has hosted a series of degustation nights of Modern Peruvian Cuisine while also running cooking classes and gourmet tours to his home country.

In 2011 Alejandro opened MORENA restaurant in Sydney in the ultra-cool postcode of 2010. The menu at MORENA showcased fine-dining dishes that drew on a variety of flavours from Latin America and Peru.

Alejandro can now be found in Melbourne working the kitchen at Pastuoso. This Peruvian crowd-pleaser is from the same team behind Argentine grill San Telmo.

Alejandro's love and passion for his native country can only be described as contagious, and he aims to educate Australians on the vibrancy and variation of Latin American haute cuisine and the flavours and ingredients of Peru.

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Dr Kate Brooks - KAL Analysis Pty Ltd & FRDC Non-Executive Director

Social Scientist; NSW Coastal Council, Member; NSW Marine Expert Knowledge Panel, Member; & Non-Executive Director, OzFish Unlimited.

With twenty years’ experience in NRM and social research, Kate is focussed on maximising natural resource management outcomes through employing social research. Her particular area of interest - social capital and social license to operate - provides a basis for understanding community interactions, decision making structures, needs and development options, in changing environments.

Working in and with state, federal and international NRM policy domains, managing and undertaking social research projects and providing advice for policy development, has provided Kate with a unique understanding of the issues associated with community responses to policy and regulatory implementation. In all her work, ‘sustainability’ both of the environment for industry and community, and of industry, are fundamental to her world view. Exploring ways to not only optimise sustainability, in all its forms, but in ways that generate benefits to multiple people, is one of the foundations of Kate’s work.

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Internationally acclaimed seafood Chef, Pete Hilcke takes you on a culinary journey of the Ocean. His extensive traveling and work with seafood has become a pillar amongst his peers in the Seafood & Restaurant Industry. Pete’s enthusiasm and passion for beautifully cooked seafood and its health benefits keeps him on a journey of discovering new and exciting ways to bring the best to the plate. He is enthusiastic to educate and share this passion for seafood with creating exceptional dishes.

In 2015 Pete broke into the media, his appearances include host chef on the Australian Seafood Show on Foxtel Aurora, guest chef on My Market Kitchen on Channel 10, Channel 7’s Yummy Mummies reality show, Chef Radio UK now Host on SENPlus “The Breakfast Stable” 7am Saturday Mornings. He has cooked for Hollywood stars such as Jane Seymour and many influential persons of the Australian community. He has been part of numerous events such as the National 4 x 4 show, Melbourne International Boat Show, San Remo Fishing Festival, Lake Eildon Fishing Festival, Food Service Australia Show on a panel of speakers for the Seafood Summit.

He has plenty of stories to tell relating to his life and times from a DJ, to cooking in the Royal Australian Navy to the starting of his media life. Pete's concern is keeping it simple and having fun in the kitchen. "The day you relax and let things flow in the kitchen is the day you relax as the unique person you were meant to be" "Life is too short so get off your butt and treat this day as it is your last, live for now and the rest will follow" "Be responsible, cook with sustainable seafood where possible" Pete is natural performer and with a huge personality, wit and charm, he's a colourful and entertaining musical chef.