Gala Night

No-one will want to miss the closing night event of the Conference. Doing away with the tired format of a sit-down dinner, this formal cocktail party will bring together our newly created community in a colourful celebration of Australian seafood. A DJ will provide entertainment, and high profile chefs will prepare the food with a focus on profiling the value of Australian seafood both as primary produce and as a cooked meal. Recipients of awards with the greatest public appeal (eg Fish n Chips, Hall of Fame and Best Restaurant) will be recognised on stage and celebrated in follow up to the lunch the day prior. The evening aims to attract 1,5000 attendees and become recognised as a significant event on Australia’s food calendar.



Awards Lunch

The 2019 Awards will be presented as its own event over a casual lunch of Fish n Chips enjoyed share-feast style along long tables with cold beer and crisp dry white wine. A true celebration of the industry’s best, this relaxed format will also feature entertaining MCs, a cash bar and projected video footage.



The Hub

The geographical centre of the conference, The Hub provides a space for delegates to begin and end their day, and drop in between sessions. Open every day of the conference, Hub elements are designed to bring people together, stimulate conversations and ultimately contribute to the creation of community, eg Lounge style furniture, vendors selling handheld food (think oyster bar, mini fish n chips), licensed bar. Trade displays will line the walls, proving an opportunity for industry suppliers to showcase their wares. An MC-ed stage featuring programmed but relaxed chats with will deliver entertainment between key talks.




Speakers Series

The key industry component of the conference will be a continuation of the Speakers Series.  In 2019 24 speakers will address conference attendees over two rooms during Conference Days 2 and 3. Each morning from 9am to midday, experts will deliver 15 minute presentations on topics as diverse as By-Catch Management, Social License and Value Beyond The Economic. The two Speaker Rooms will be located side-by-side, allowing attendees to move between speakers in the 10 minute programmed interval. Each morning will culminate in a Couch Chat with gathers the speakers together for moderated inter-disciplinary discussions.



Seafood 01-156.jpg



Interactive Workshops

Programmed to occur after lunch on Conference Days 2 and 3, a series of interactive Workshops will feature each afternoon of the program.  Designed to bring attendees together over interactive learning experiences, Workshops may teach participants to gut fish or engage in further discussion on the topics raised in the morning speakers program.


Meet The Makers

Capitalising on Melbourne’s rich food scene, the conference will feature 12 Meet The Makers sessions over a meal at some of Melbourne’s best restaurants. Held over breakfasts, lunches and dinners over the three days of the conference, the sessions will match primary producers with chefs.