The program for Seafood Directions conference will explore the four key topics Sustainability, Value, Industry, and Plastics. The full program will consist of presentations, panel sessions and workshops on these four key topics and more.


Seafood Sustainability can often be a minefield of confusion, mostly with a focus on the environment. Seafood Directions 2019 seeks to dive deeper into this sensitive topic and explore other critical issues that are impacting the sustainability of the Australian Seafood Industry. Commercial, Cultural, Environmental and Human Resource Sustainability have become central to the seafood industry not merely Surviving, but Thriving. Join with leaders to create clarity and an industry ‘Sustainability’ workplan to ensure we continue to operate sustainably.


As long as seafood is treated as a commodity, fishers will be price takers not price makers. There is huge latent potential in capturing the true value of fresh, local, sustainably harvested Australian seafood. Seafood Directions 2019 will unpack the current consumer trends, including perceived barriers, while showcasing innovations in technology, value-adding, management, distribution, trading and traceability that are creating a world of new opportunity to capture and create a value chain to unlock this potential. Understanding how we capture and deliver value will be key to differentiating and celebrating our unique Australian Seafood products.


There are real stories in the seafood industry that need to be told. There are wonderful people in the industry that need to be recognised. And there are unexpected partnerships that are paving the way to a new future. The Industry theme looks at how the seafood sector presents itself to the world, now and into the future. This requires a keen mix of honest evaluation, industry leadership, and powerful communications. Seafood Directions will showcase a diverse range of backgrounds and present the seafood sector across its various stages, partnerships, aspirations, and connection to the land and importantly our consumers. The attendees will understand and appreciate the full extent and value of this important primary industry so that we can begin to nurture its growth.


Every year around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean with an estimated 2/3 of the world’s fish stocks suffering from plastic ingestion. If we continue on this trajectory it is estimated that within the next decade there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Microplastics are effecting our aquatic ecosystems and threatening the human food chain. The seafood industry is directly dependent on the health of the marine environment and sustainable fish stocks. Reducing the use of plastic within industry and diverting plastic from landfill strengthens our commitment to environmental responsibility, increases our contribution to protecting the future of global fishery resources, and improves our social license to operate. There are leaders in industry demonstrating some unique innovation in this space and we need to encourage them to share their story and develop an industry action plan to curb the use of plastics.



SEAFOOD Gala DINNER - 6:30 PM - Friday 11th October

This formal event will bring together our newly created community in a colourful celebration of Australian seafood. High profile chefs will prepare the food with a focus on profiling the value of Australian seafood both as primary produce and as a cooked meal. Dress code - Semi-formal


Awards Lunch - 12:00PM - Thursday 10th October

The 2019 Awards will be presented as its own event over a casual lunch of Victorian sourced fish and chips cold beer and crisp dry white wine. A true celebration of the industry’s best, this relaxed format will also feature entertaining MCs and projected video footage.

Held at The Boat Builders Yard





Join Women in Seafood Australasia For the Power Up Breakfast. Friday 11th October 7.15am -8.45am

MCEC Room 105

Come along and hear first-hand keynote speaker Anthony Hart detail his unique experiences with mental health and practical solutions. WISA is keen to continue to support industry and its work with mental health alongside the success of Project Regard. The second speaker will be a WISA member speaking about her experiences in our industry.

Enjoy breakfast, networking and powering up with our amazing women in seafood and supporters.


Members $38.50 inc GST

Non-members 55.00inc GST

For membership enquiries please contact Barbara Konstas -

This event is proudly sponsored by the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council, Austral Fisheries, Dinko Tuna and Sydney Fish Market.



Speakers Series - 10 & 11 October

The key industry component of the conference will be a continuation of the Speakers Series.  In 2019 a series of speakers will address conference attendees over two rooms during Conference Days 2 and 3. The two Speaker Rooms will be located side-by-side, allowing attendees to move between speakers in the 10 minute programmed interval. Each morning we will culminate in a Couch Chat which gathers the speakers together for moderated inter-disciplinary discussions.

Blue-X SD2019 Workshops (2).png




In line with the Conference topics (Sustainability, Value, Industry, Plastics), you are invited to join in the conversation. Each day following the panel discussions, Blue-X will lead a series of interactive workshops, where we’ll be tackling questions such as:

- How are these industry changes impacting you?

- What innovations would you like to see?

- How could we do things differently?

These 90-minute workshops will provide you with an opportunity to contribute alongside like-minded people in a smaller group setting.


  These workshops are proudly sponsored by