Seafood Industry Victoria (SIV) is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation. SIV is the representative peak body for the Victorian seafood industry, from professional fishers through to wholesale, processors and retail.

In our capacity as the peak body we liaise with State government, media, environmental groups and other marine stakeholders on behalf of our member's best interests. The major role of Seafood Industry Victoria is to disseminate the flow of information from these groups to industry and provide appropriate responses and to keep the lines of communication open between the commercial fisherman and government. On behalf of industry we respond to a range of subjects including fisheries legislation, licensing and access issues, development and licensing of new fisheries, marine parks, fisheries management plans, native title, quota allocation, environmental issues, introduction of quality assurance programs, representation on industry training boards, developing educational materials for school students and the general public, research and development applications, media inquiries, press releases and marketing and promotion of seafood products.